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Winning a lottery could be overwhelming, but the chance of winning a lottery is very less. It is a known fact that the lottery amount would be huge and winning a lottery can change the winner’s life for a long time. West Bengal state lottery has better chances of winning, as you would get to choose your number while playing or buying a lottery ticket. It is possible to buy more than one lottery tickets at the same time by selecting your favourite numbers. A mathematician or a logical person, who has a good amount of experience regarding numbers, could come out with a combination, which has a better chance of winning a lottery eventually.

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The lottery is like a contest, which can be won by chance than using a lottery of skills in most of the cases, as you can need to choose a specific set of numbers, which should be in a particular combination. Playing West Bengal state lottery gives you a lot of relief compared to a general lottery since you do not entirely blame on your luck because you would have chosen the numbers yourself. West Bengal state lottery carries a different concept, but there are plenty of compe\\titors, who have come up with a similar idea. Some of the similar concept lotteries in India are Rajshree Lottery, Golden Lottery, Kerala Lottery, Goa Sands online lottery and so on.

Some of the most important tips to consider before playing a West Bengal state lottery or its competitors

  1. Count the numbers

There is no rule to select the set of numbers. However, some of the expert players suggest playing with a combination of numbers and the calculation of the full suite respectively. It helps in increasing the chances of reaching the top. If you have taken a set of 6 numbers like 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 30, the entire set comes down to 75. It is widely recommended to buy a lottery ticket contains random numbers, which sums anywhere between 121 and 186. 63 to 116 are suggested for pick 5 challenge, which is not played regularly by most of the people. Ensure to calculate numbers instantly or do a proper homework before leaving home, as it helps you pick or buy a West Bengal state lottery ticket without suffering much loss.

  1. Evens and Odds

There is no particular rule or a proved theory to buy or choose a specific ticket. However, some of the expert gamblers prefer to choose only even numbers in a ticket. Since there is no limit in buying tickets, you can buy multiple tickets with different combinations. Try purchase a ticket with only even numbers like (12, 32, 64, 48, 54, and 72) or buy with only odd numbers like (33, 55, 27, 15, 99, and 35). Only an experienced player would define the actual reason behind this strategy, as odd and even concept of buying a West Bengal state lottery has not come to rescue many times. Try different combinations like 3 even and 3 odd or 2 even and 4 odd and so on. Try to split up the numbers at least once in a week by going for a different kind of combinations in even and odd category to increase the chances of winning the lottery.

  1. Selections of consecutive numbers

Try choosing consecutive numbers either higher or lower in the category, as the chances of winning one of the other prices on the draw day. Consecutive numbers in the lottery is an old or a traditional strategy, where expert players believe the chances of winning the lottery is high, as you would have more than one number from the same range. If you have chosen 45 as your first name, try out to pick another number like 43, 44 or 46 in the same ticket. Try including all possibilities in every ticket, as the consecutive numbers could give more chances of buying at least a consolation prize during the draw day.

  1. Never go with the wrong set of numbers

Never go with consecutive numbers in a flow like 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36. The chance of winning is almost null, as the lottery history has never come up something similar to this close. It is almost impossible to win the lottery ticket in this fashion. People spend a lot of money every week by buying more than 100 tickets with different permutations and combinations to brighten up their chances of winning the lottery, but a ticket with consecutive numbers could end up in thrash, as the machine would choose numbers randomly. Try to give a gap of at least 5 to 10 numbers in between, since you might end up getting the right numbers at least once in a while.

Types of West Bengal Lottery

There are different types of West Bengal state lottery are there to buy at just Rs.10/-. You can purchase the lottery in various forms like a Super lottery and Bumper lottery. Thus the Super lottery prize will be conducted for every weekly or month. On the other side, there is called bumper lottery which helps to win huge money. For the information, the lottery tickets price falls flat during the primary occasions. The Bumper ticket cost price is Rs.20/-. But on occasions, you can also buy Bi-Weekly draw of the lottery at just Rs.2/- for West Bengal BangaBhumi and Bangalakshmi.

Lottery Result of West Bengal

The lottery tickets for the occasions of West Bengal are less than the usual purchase. It will lead to huge demand at the West Bengal state lottery among the buyers. For the information, the bumper prize for the rathayatra occasion is Rs.1 crore of prize money. People those who are all having the luck, it has a great chance to win during the result announcement. We mentioned earlier that choosing the numbers has its lottery to beat the luck. Before jumping into the purchase, have a look at numbers to buy.

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