West Bengal Bangabhumi Super Draw, West Bengal Bangasree Super Draw, West Bengal Bangalakshmi Draw (twice in a month) are organized in a month. Apart from these, six bumper draws in festivals viz., West Bengal New Year Bumper, West Bengal Nababarsha (West Bengal Bengali New Year) Bumper, West Bengal Holi Bumper, West Bengal Rathayatra Bumper, West Bengal Puja Bumper and West Bengal Diwali Bumper are conducted. The price (MRP) of the Bi- Weekly draw of Lottery ticket is Rs.2/- for West Bengal Bangalakshmi draw, Rs.5/- for West Bengal Bangabhumi Super draw and Rs.10/- for West Bengal Bangasree Super draw. The price of each ticket of Bumper Draws is usually Rs.20/-.

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